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You've Missed A Bit! Bodybuilders Go To Extreme Lengths To Coat Every Inch Of Their Bodies In Fake Tan

No strain, no gain: Kyrgyzstan bodybuilder Nurgazy Kutmambetov gives it his all Their eyeballs are just about the only part of their bodies untouched by orange dye. Desperate for an even coating, the muscly participants taking part in the World Classic Bodybuilding Championships in St Polten, Austria, this weekend, used DIY paint rollers to apply the stuff to those difficult to reach parts. The end result left them looking like lumpy versions of actress Shirley Eaton - the painted woman in Bond film Goldfinger. Scroll down for video Cheeky: A competitor prepares backstage before competing in the World Classic Bodybuilding Championship in St Polten Spray to go: Russia's Denis Bashkatov prepares to impress the judges Helping hand: An assistant coats Ukraine's Andriy Kukharchuk in fake blog tan You've got to roll with it: Estonia's Imre Vahi applies colour as he prepares backstage The event featured competitors from across the world, including Iran, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Germany and Japan. The competition followed news that a growing number of men in Britain are suffering from muscle dysmorphia a constant feeling that their muscles are not big enough. The condition is like a reverse form of anorexia and its thought that around one per cent of Britains men suffer from it, or have symptoms of it.
Full story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2509227/The-bodybuilders-coat-inch-bodies-fake-tan-bid-glory-World-Classic-Bodybuilding-Championships-St-Polten-Austria.html

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