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Fitness Trackers Still Need To Work Out Kinks

fitness tracker I wasnt always this way. A couple of weeks ago, though, I max workouts started tracking my activitymy steps, bike rides, sleep patterns, and morewith some of the newest wristbands, all of which can automatically sync activity from the band to a smartphone via low-energy Bluetooth: the aforementioned Nike+ Fuelband SE , the Fitbit Force , and the Jawbone Up 24 . The idea was to see whether they could accurately log my moves and encourage me to meet specific daily activity goals without making me feel as if I were under house arrest. I tested each wristband on its own with its accompanying iPhone app, and spent one day wearing all three on the same wrist to determine differences in their tracking skills. The bottom line: each of these gadgets encouraged me to be more active and wasnt too obnoxious at buzzing my wrist and sending alerts to my phone. Each synced flawlessly with its companion app, making the whole experience much more habit-forming than if Id had to connect them manually. Even so, Im not ready to shell out my own money for one of these.
Full story: http://www.technologyreview.com/news/521931/fitness-trackers-still-need-to-work-out-kinks/

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