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Fit Links: Find Your New Favorite Workout, Celeb Fitness Motivation And More

"The first time, everything will be new. The second time, you'll pick up on things that maybe are your favorites. The third time, you're not so focused on yourself." Since different songs have different routines, you'll begin to recognize which moves go with which music, and you'll be able to maximize your workout, she says. Flickr photo by aidegulee Dance Like Nobody's Watching Because nobody is watching! Instead, everyone is there for themselves, to escape their worries and the stresses of the day. "Nobody is looking at other participants, so don't worry what you look like," says Martin. Flickr photo by lincolnearthday Wear Comfy, Fun Clothes Anything you're comfortable working out with is okay http://journals.fotki.com/rockyurod/my-blog/entry/wbdgttqgrsgtq/ for Zumba class, whether that's tight spandex or baggy sweats. But Zumba's all about personal style, says Martin, so don't be afraid to wear something a little sexy, or something you just feel fun in. "If you feel good, you're able to let loose a little bit Max Workouts more and enjoy the class a little bit more freely," she says.
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/17/fit-links-january-17_n_4610318.html

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